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Control Access with Automated Parking Gates in Newfoundland & Labrador and Throughout Canada

Whether it is your business or building, you should have a say on who can use your property’s parking facilities. BABB Security Systems installs automated and efficient security and parking gates in Newfoundland & Labrador and throughout Canada. All our gates feature modern design, robust and protective barriers. Rely on us for a variety of security gates that can be used for guarding car parks, entrances, entry/exit points, checkpoints, or controlling traffic on both sides.


Have a parking lot or a parkade? We can create custom parking gates that cause minimal traffic disruption and maximize your property’s security. Different types of gates that we offer include:

Barrier gates

Security gates

Parking gates

And more

Make the Most of Your Security Gates

Our parking gates help prevent unauthorized access while still allowing smooth entry for employees and authorized guests. Plus, parking gates can also help businesses charge for parking when special events are happening.

Gate Access Systems

Apart from entrances, we offer gate opening access options. Some of them include:

Automatic gates

Card swipe access

Keypad entry

Our team ensures that your building’s parking space has complete entry and exit control with the right type of gate access system. For instance, if your company requires employees to carry identity cards, you can opt for a card swipe parking pass for easy employee access. Some companies may only require regulation at night and may choose to install automatic day gates. Whatever your unique requirements, we can customize a gate system that works for you. 

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Use our contact form to request a quote or receive more details on our security gates and services.

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