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Fire Safe and Vaults for Homes and Businesses in Newfoundland & Labrador and Throughout Canada

BABB Security Systems has the largest selection of vaults and fire safes in Newfoundland & Labrador and throughout Canada. Our knowledgeable, experienced team will help you select the perfect vault or safe for your residential or commercial needs.


We have over four decades of experience in the industry, allowing us to provide safety-first products. We install technologically advanced safes from top manufacturers.

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Safes and Vaults from Leading Manufacturers

We sell and install safes and vaults from Gardex®, Securifort and Gunnebo®.

Custom-built Safes

BABB Security Systems is known for its custom safes and vaults that suit your unique needs. If you require a custom drop safe, cash lockers, or SD boxes, consult with one of our professionals. We have the required equipment and industry experience to customize a safe that provides unparalleled security. Whether you're buying a fire safe or a depository safe for protecting valuables, choose a safe that you can trust.

Safe Installation for Homes or Businesses

In addition to our large selection of vaults and safes, BABB Security Systems also provides safe installation services at homes and businesses throughout the Avalon Peninsula. Most safes come with a secure lock, providing protection against burglary. No matter the size or scope, we serve residential and commercial clients in Newfoundland & Labrador and throughout Canada

Our Special Services

BABB Security Systems is capable of handling a range of specialty services. In fact, our team was able to open a vault at a bank branch that had burned to the ground. We opened the damaged vault, relocated all the interior equipment and replaced it. Our expert team had the branch reopened at a temporary location within 48 hours.

Refurbished Safes & Vaults Inventory

View our refurbished safes and vaults inventory now.

Fire-rated safes

Fire-rated Safes

If your surroundings are prone to catastrophic fire, we recommend using this style of safes to protect essential documents.

Media safe

Media Safes

Storing original copies of legal papers, documents and other contracts is important for most businesses. If there is an event of a fire, media safes from Gardex® can protect your most critical documents at 900°C for up to one hour (hundreds of degrees hotter than most house and office fires).

Depository safe

Depository Safes

Following a fire, depository safes are suitable for stocking, securing, and protecting cash deposits and important official documents.

Utility safe

Utility Safes

With bank utility safes from Gardex®, you can secure your business against theft and protect your cash before depositing money.

Fire-resistant filing cabinet

Fire-resistant Filing Cabinets

Fire-resistant filing cabinets are ideal for keeping customer and bookkeeping records within reach. They also prevent document loss in the event of a building fire.

Need a Safe or Vault?

At BABB Security Systems, you can get fire-proof as well as custom safes and vaults that meet your requirements.

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