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4 Advantages to Having Keyless Entry Doors

You often see keyless systems in the commercial sector but they are increasing in popularity among homeowners. But what is a keyless entry system, exactly? Keyless refers to entrance without using a traditional key. Entry systems allow this in different ways, but none require metal keys that people can lose, misplace or copy.

It’s easier to realize the advantages of a keyless entry system once we understand what that entails.


Types of Keyless Entry Systems

For businesses with a high volume of employees, card access has become a common solution to key-related issues. Employees gain access by scanning a card or fob. Many systems can also track the user, door and time of each scan. This becomes extremely useful for large corporations and small businesses that want to maintain tight security.

Parking gates control who enters your property. These types of systems make use of card or keypad entries. Many find this type of system convenient for maintaining a wider area of security. Building access is only possible past the parking gate, meaning security begins far before their front door.

In addition to these systems, keyless entry can also include:

  • Standalone keypads

  • Battery-powered keypads

  • Hotel locking systems

It’s important to regularly change the code on keypad entry systems to maintain security. Now that you know of some basic keyless systems, let’s discuss some of their advantages for businesses and homes.

Advantages of Keyless Entry

There are many reasons to get a keyless entry system, but what specific aspects will help you in your daily life? It’s good to ask these types of questions as you contemplate different security options. However, there are four main ways that keyless entry gives you peace of mind:

1. Convenience

With keyless entry for businesses, you don’t have to worry about fishing around in your bag or pocket for your key. Simply reach out and enter the code, scan your card, or let the sensors pick up your fob.

Without a key to carry around, you won’t have to worry about losing or misplacing it. Likewise, spare keys that reduce security will be a thing of the past. Imagine being able to give a neighbour access at any time while also being able to change the code as well. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

2. Protection

Whether you’re fleeing from a snowstorm or are afraid that you’re being followed, you’ll be able to gain quick access with keyless entry. Without an actual key to keep track of, you’ll always have quick access to your home or business. Anytime you leave normal keys unattended, criminals can copy them in around three minutes with the right equipment. Avoid these problems with a keyless system.

3. Foolproof guarantee

We’ve all been there: that day where things weren’t going your way and you were in a hurry. Your mind was elsewhere and you locked your keys in your house. Or you locked your keys in your car, with it running! Whatever the mishap, it’s nice to realize a keyless entry system can prevent it.

4. Security

Most of all, a keyless entry system lets you have constant updates and information regarding your property. You can monitor who is going in and out of doors from any location. Knowing your business is secure while you are away is valuable, too. Criminals have a much harder time compromising a keyless entry system than a regular key and lock. Protect what you care about with keyless entry security.

Things to Consider

Some may argue that keyless systems have their own drawbacks, which may be true. However, the two main problems that arise are power outage and forgetting the keycode. You can remedy the first problem by having back-up batteries or generators for your system. As for the second issue, try to avoid using birthdates or addresses in your code.

It may be helpful to come up with a pneumonic device to help you remember. But if remembering your code remains a problem, consider getting a remote or other type of keyless system. No matter what, make sure you get a security system that works for you and your specific needs. Rely on your local trusted security company to help you make this important decision.



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