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CCTV Cameras for Video Surveillance in Newfoundland & Labrador and Throughout Canada

Stressed over what happens at your property in your absence? If you are on a holiday or away from your home or business, BABB Security Systems is here to help with end-to-end installation and maintenance solutions in Newfoundland & Labrador and throughout Canada.


With video surveillance and security CCTV cameras, business owners can track the activities going on at their property from one place (even remotely). Not only are video cameras excellent crime deterrents, but the recordings they produce are also extremely helpful to police after a crime has occurred. These systems can go well beyond security to enhance building efficiencies and operations. Be it a porch camera, or a whole network of surveillance equipment in your office or commercial facility, our CCTV installations can suit your unique needs and secure your commercial facility.


When you choose BABB Security Systems to install and maintain your video surveillance equipment, you not only receive our 40-plus years of service experience but the latest technologies. We install Avigilon™ cameras, a company that has earned a good reputation for manufacturing high-definition surveillance equipment.


What’s more, Avigilon™ cameras allow you to view activity taking place at your facility via a secure internet connection to your smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet computer. Call us for more information now.

Why Opt for HD Security Cameras?

Often, when security camera footage is released by the police, people wonder why it is so blurry that the suspect could be just about anyone! Standard-definition and tape-based videos are not effective in identifying suspects. With HD cameras and recording equipment from Avigilon™, you can see every frame of the video clearly. 

View and Record Where it Matters Most

Surveillance priorities differ for everyone. The CCTV cameras and products by Avigilon™ are designed to suit your needs. These products include dome cameras, bullet cameras, wide-angle panoramic cameras as well as hidden cameras.

Avigilon™ Products

Choose a link below to check out the respective product page on the official Avigilon™ website:

Indoor/outdoor bracket-mounted cameras

Dummy cameras

Hidden cameras

Multi-sensor Cameras

With these surveillance cameras, you can monitor and secure your building, house or property.

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