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Smart Security Systems in Newfoundland & Labrador and Throughout Canada

Although a vast majority of Canada is seeing reduced criminal activities, property crime rates in Newfoundland & Labrador and throughout Canada continue to rise. We provide security systems that can deter the growing criminal activities. These include security alarms, access controls, and other security hardware that are excellent ways to keep criminals away from your property.


BABB Security Systems installs and customizes security systems to suit the unique needs of residential, commercial, and institutional property owners throughout Newfoundland & Labrador and throughout Canada.


You can take full advantage of the latest technology in the field of security with BABB Security Systems’ smart security products. Our security professionals have over 40 years of experience providing locksmithing services, as well as advanced security systems and surveillance camera installations. We can even help you set up smartphone-enabled alarm systems that can be remotely monitored and assessed using tablets, computers, laptops or smartphones and internet or cellular connection.

Fully Customizable, Smart Security Systems

BABB Security Systems designs end-to-end solutions that fit your home or business. Our security systems are completely customizable and among the best on the market. We are proud to feature a vast variety of innovative products sourced from the industry’s top brands, including the award-winning HD video surveillance from Avigilon™ and access control systems from Millennium Group Inc.


Not just this, our team will be there with you in all stages of your project, from initial consultation to installation and after-service support. To get started, call us today for a free consultation to evaluate your security needs.

Our Customer Speaks

Read what one of our clients has got to say about our products and services:

“We have found the quality of work to be exceptional and would recommend Babb Security Systems to other companies for all their security needs.”

- Gina F.


Bogart’s Jewellers

Access Control Security

Keypads, keycards, and other access control systems can help you control who enters your property and are very effective in preventing property-related crimes.

Safety Alarms Installation

Houses that have alarms and security systems are much less likely to be burgled. You can also reduce your insurance premiums.

Video Surveillance Safeguard

Monitor every move on your property with high-definition CCTV cameras and surveillance devices such as HD dome cameras and bullet cameras.

Locks for Door Automation

Automated doors can close on their own and reduce the risk of doors being accidentally left open. We install fire doors, ICU/CCU patient doors and associated hardware.

Customized Safes and Vaults

We can make custom vaults and safes as per your requirements so that you can safely store your valuable belongings such as cash, firearms, or jewellery.

Innovative Intercom Systems

Install audio-video intercom systems in your office or house for faster communications, including conveying intrusion or severe weather to everyone on the premises.

Hotel Locking Systems

We offer various high-end locking systems like RFID-enabled hotel keycard entry systems and keyless entry systems in Newfoundland & Labrador and throughout Canada.

Security Grille Gates

Often, doors and windows are more expensive to replace than the merchandise stolen by burglars. We can install security grills on your doors or windows to protect your retail, restaurant or commercial property against criminal activity.

Pick-resistant Locks and Hardware

Mechanical locks and keys are so ubiquitous we hardly give pause to how effective they are in preventing crime. But, if it’s been a number of years since you’ve switched out your door locks, you may want to consider some of the latest pick-resistant varieties on the market today.

Secure Parking Gates

For a shopping centre or office, controlling the usage of your parking facility can prevent unauthorized vehicles from taking up valuable parking space.

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