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Make Communication Easier: Audio and Video Intercom Installations in Newfoundland & Labrador and Throughout Canada

Intercom systems allow you to notify everyone on the premises of intruders, threats, or simply make an announcement. Give your employee engagement a boost. Enjoy the ease of communication with intercom installation by BABB Security Systems. It’s simple; you choose from our vast array of intercoms and we take care of the installation. For over 40 years, we’ve provided advanced systems that enhance group communication, maximize manpower efficiency, improve security and reduce message turnaround time. 


To see how affordable it is to have a voice and video intercom system installed in Newfoundland & Labrador and throughout Canada, contact BABB Security Systems, today!

Custom Installations and Specialized Services

Great things happen when people connect for a common purpose! With capable communication solutions which are purpose-fit for specialized businesses, users are empowered to do even more. 


When you’re looking for a large, corporate intercom system, we will help you choose a system that suits the present and future needs of your business. When you have BABB Security Systems install your intercom, you can feel rest assured that all occupants of your business are safe and informed. Our team aims to link people together in real-time when communications matter.

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Affordable Intercoms

Our team installs high-end intercom solutions with audio-video capabilities from Aiphone®.

Learn How Intercoms Work

View how a modern intercom system can work for your business.

Commercial Intercom Systems

When it becomes difficult to communicate clearly and efficiently in a large company, our intercom systems step in. These commercial intercoms ensure smooth, easy and professional communication throughout the workplace. This is effective in the following situations:

Severe weather


Missing person

Criminal intrusion

Other unforeseen contingencies

Get a Quote

We provide cost-effective installation and maintenance of intercoms for quicker and smoother communication in the workplace. Speak to us for a quote!

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