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We use the trusted company Avigilon as our manufacturer for your security camera needs in Newfoundland. Avigilon offers a wide range of detailed security systems and provides HD surveillance for end-to-end security. Every shot is guaranteed to be distinct and easy to see.

Have you ever wondered what goes on in your building when you’re not there? With BABB SECURITY SYSTEMS’ cameras surveillance in Newfoundland, you can find out. With video surveillance throughout your building, your company’s security is under your control.

Our goal is to help you secure your premises and the best way to do that is with security surveillance. This system allows you to see what’s going on 24/7, providing you with live surveillance over the internet even when you’re away from the building.

First-Rate Camera Systems

BABB SECURITY SYSTEMS offers a large selection of modern electronic security in Newfoundland. We use the most up-to-date technology to protect your company with top security and supply a wide variety of cameras:

  • Hidden cameras
  • Dummy cameras
  • Bullet cameras
  • Indoor/outdoor bracket-mounted cameras
  • Dome cameras
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Hidden Cameras

A hidden camera, also known as a spy camera, is a video camera used to film areas without alerting people to its presence. It is considered “hidden” because it is not easily visible by people populating a given area. Additionally, these cameras can be built into commonly used objects, such as TV sets, smoke and motion detectors, clocks, mobile phones, and many others. The availability and relatively low costs of hidden video recording devices has made them extremely popular for household, commercial, and industrial security surveillance.

Dummy Cameras

These “fake cameras” are built to look like real, high-tech recording devices, and placed in plain sight of passers-by. They are designed to instill the belief that an area is being monitored, and ward off ill-intentioned thieves or vandals.

Bullet Cameras

The name of this video recording device is based on its shape and size. Also known as a “lipstick camera” and around 2 inches in length, bullet cameras are ideal for providing discreet surveillance in small, fixed areas.

Dome Cameras

These devices are usually installed on ceilings, and consist of a video recording device mounted within a transparent “dome” encasement. Typically, the dome is tinted in order to hide the camera’s positioning, and is made with various weather- and vandal-resistant materials. The clear advantage of this type of unit is that the camera is generally fully mobile and can provide 360-degree surveillance within a large perimeter from a single, concealed spot.

Indoor/Outdoor Bracket-Mounted Cameras

These units are designed to be fully functional recording devices, which are placed in plain view for everyone to see. In addition to actually recording everything that goes on in a given area, the high visibility of these cameras acts as a deterrent to thieves, vandals, and general miscreants.

Accessories & Options

We make sure you can customize your security needs with accessories for cameras. Here are a few possibilities you can have with our cameras:

  • Remote control
  • Motion detectors
  • Alarm cameras
  • Constant recording
  • Up to 32 views simultaneously

No matter how intricate your security, we provide user-friendly software. Our systems are easy to use and effective, relying on our simple interface for powerful security solutions.

Service as Safe as Our Products

Call BABB SECURITY SYSTEMS for any security needs. We provide locks and alarms to secure your premises in every way possible. Along with installation of security systems, we provide repair services for our products to ensure your systems always work properly and effectively. BABB SECURITY SYSTEMS is a name you can trust.

Contact us at 709-753-7150 or through email to get started with security today.

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