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Door and key security is typically not strong enough to protect a business. Robbers can even break through glass security, which ends up costing even more money to fix. Damage and loss to your business from a robbery is difficult to recover from. That’s why your business should consider investing in grill gates, the ultimate security in Newfoundland.

BABB SECURITY offers the most reliable storefront. Not only do our grill gates protect and secure your property, but they send a visual message to keep thieves away from your store. You can feel at ease going home knowing your business is safe from theft.

Our Grill Gates

We understand that every company has different needs. That’s why we will help you customize your security. Security doesn’t have to be unstylish. We’re known for providing great looking grill gates in Newfoundland, keeping your storefront looking sleek and professional after hours. We use MobilFlex products to provide you with safe and tasteful security gates. MobilFlex offers the following products:

  • Folding gates
  • Rolling gates
  • Full length shutters
  • Counter shutters
  • Various chain designs

You can visit the MobilFlex site to view pictures of various makes and models of gates.

After selecting your gate, it’s our job to help you customize, install and implement it to suit your storefront. It’s our promise that our durable grill gates will protect your business for years.

Customize Your Security

At BABB SECURITY SYSTEMS, we do everything we can to ensure your store has the best security available. Mix and match your grill gate with other security products in Newfoundland so your company has maximum security.

Call us at 709-753-7150 to book an appointment with our team for a free customized quote.

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