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How 24 Hour Surveillance Benefits Your Business

A 24 hour surveillance system can enhance your security without breaking your budget. This allows you to monitor your area, view customer patterns and needs, and maintain employee honesty. Read More

4 Advantages to Having Keyless Entry Doors

You often see keyless systems in the commercial sector but they are increasing in popularity among homeowners. But what is a keyless entry system, exactly? Keyless refers to entrance without using a traditional key. Entry systems allow this in different ways, but none require metal keys that people can lose, misplace or copy. Read More

Maintain Your Newfoundland Business Security System

As your Newfoundland or Labrador business grows, you work hard to protect it in any way you can, including investing in a security system. From keyless locks to video surveillance, there are many ways business owners can protect their assets and their employees. But what good is a security system that doesn't work? Read More

Hotel Security Tips St. John’s, Newfoundland

As a hotel owner, you want to create the ideal customer experience. After all, if your guests rave about their stay, all their friends will want to stay at your hotel. Your online reviews will soar, and you will attract more customers than ever before. Read More

How to Prevent Employee Theft

Unfortunately, employee theft is a common problem. The Globe and Mail reports that nearly 26% of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses lost revenue due to employee theft. This widespread problem has dire consequences. Read More

How Your Business Can Benefit from a Parking Gate

When you run a business, you want it to stay secure. You want to keep your finances and documents safe so your business continues to flourish. As a business owner, you have installed alarms, implemented a surveillance system, and bought a safe. You have put heavy-duty passwords on all your networks and electronic devices. Read More

7 Ways to Secure Your Newfoundland Construction Site

Your construction site deserves as much security as you can give it. Construction site theft means more than the loss of heavy equipment or expensive materials. It can set your construction schedule back several days, weeks, or even months while you wait for replacements or for damage repair. Read More

How Automated Doors Boost Security

As a business owner or administrator, you likely wonder whether you should invest in automatic doors. You might assume you will pay a lot for them since they use technology not found in manual doors. Even if you are not concerned about the upfront costs, you might worry that automatic doors will raise your utility costs or be expensive to maintain. You might even think automatic doors are not necessary for your type of business. Read More

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