Security gates allow you to control who can drive in and out of your property. Learn more about this important security feature below.

What Benefits You Will Get from Parking Gates
Parking or security gates can give your business the following benefits:

  • They keep out thieves and other criminals. Everyone who enters has to go past a security guard or electronic access system. Intruders can't get inside unless they have an access code or unless they can convince the security guard that they have legitimate business with you. As long as you have reliable guards or access systems, nobody dangerous will have access to your business.
  • They deter unwanted, but innocent trespassers. You won't have to deal with curious passersby walking into your office if you don't want them there. But if you own a store and you do want passersby wandering into your business, you should just put a fence and security gates around employee parking areas, not your whole business.
  • They ensure your employees have enough parking space. If you don't control who has access to your parking lot, you could have a problem with people using it as their personal parking space. They may also park there when they visit other businesses within the area taking one of your employee spots. Your employees may be forced to park on the street or somewhere else less secure.
  • They can lower your insurance premiums. Businesses look more reliable to insurance providers as you install security features. The more reliable your business looks, the less you will have to pay on your insurance. Security features can also increase the business property value.

Security gates give business owners and employee’s peace of mind. You don't have to worry about potentially dangerous persons breaking into the office. Businesses also have a higher resale value and become more appealing to potential buyers with security systems already in place.

How to Choose a Parking Gate
There are several options for security gates. Read below to understand the available styles, materials, and access options.

  • Materials: Most manufacturers make their gates out of strong metals like steel. Opt for steel for extra security. Avoid gates made from reinforced plastic or wood. A determined intruder could potentially break through these options.
  • Styles: Horizontal bars are the most common style of security gate. The horizontal bar shouldn't have more than a couple centimeters of breathing room as it spans across the entrance or exit. You can also purchase larger options that look like chain-link or wrought-iron gates.
  • Access options: Some parking gates rise automatically, while others require card or keypad access. If access restriction is a concern, give each employee his or her own car or keypad code. This easily allows business owners to track precisely who enters the office premises.

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